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The Journey West download pdf

The Journey West by Stephen C. Montgomery
The Journey West
Author: Stephen C. Montgomery
Page Count: 416 pages
Published Date: 19 Jan 2011
Publication Country: Bloomington, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781456719043
Download Link: The Journey West

This saga begins in 1858 during William "Red" Montgomerie's third trip out West. He is a 22 year old adventurous young man. At 6'1"-- 220 pounds of work hardened muscle, broad shoulders, with a swagger in his walk he was quite a sight to see. With his Bowie knife and Indian war hatchet hanging on the left side of his money belt and a new model 1858 .44 caliber Remington six shot revolver on the right side, cross draw fashion, he had the look of one to ride the river with. His Uncle Jake, being a mountain man, had taught him many lessons of self-defense. The Indians were in awe of his long flaming red hair and were impressed with his superb knowledge of Indian sign language. He was in tune with his surroundings, whether in the Rocky Mountains or out in the open expanses of the Great Plains. The challenging task to lead his family and friends from Cleveland, Tennessee to a beautiful and lush valley in the New Mexico Territory was filled with dangers. The 1600 mile journey would be full of hardships and tragedy, from the excitement of saloon brawls to the hangings of outlaws. "Red" was to lead a wagon train of 21 overland wagons, with 29 men and 23 women and their many children west to build their new homes and to put down roots in the new wide open territory. He chose to travel the northern most route of the Santa Fee trail. They faced many dangers from Horse Thieves, Outlaws, Indians, Half Breeds, adding to their daily hardships. This novel has it all...."Depicting the toils and hazards faced on a wagon train in 1860 on the lawless frontier." .... This BOOK is filled with High Adventure and Romance.

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